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Complete SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Protection

Long-Term Microbial Protection That Effectively Kills Up To 99.9999% Of Germs and Microbes That Cause Illness, Mold, Mildew, Allergens & Odors 

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Disinfection & Recontamination Protection That Lasts For 90 Days

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Prevent Transmission Of Germ Born Diseases In Your Workplace

Prevent Transmission Of Germ Born Diseases In Your Workplace

Advanced Non-Toxic Technology Mechanically Kills COVID-19 For Months


Infectious disease such like COVID-19, Influenza and even the common cold, are contracted it by breathing in the microbes that cause them, or touching an infected surface and then touching your face.  This fact has never been more appreciated than now.  Yet, we cannot stop breathing, and while facemarks help they  do nothing to kill viruses. Similarly, we cannot eliminate contact with every infected surface and disinfection alone is not the solution to this problem.

Disinfectants only work while they are wet and use toxic chemicals to kill germs, so they must evaporate quickly. However, as soon as the chemicals evaporate, there is nothing left to kill germs that are deposited thereafter; The surfaces become contaminated again by the next person right away.  

 Daily or continuous disinfection is costly, time-consuming, and often times impractical.  However, Bio Knight Technologies can provide your business with persistent, effective and non-toxic protection against viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens and odor causing microbes.

Long-Term Microbial Protection For Air & Surfaces


 First, Bio Knight will disinfect all of the surfaces in your business with a hospital disinfectant that is:

 •   EPA “N” listed to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

 •   FDA approved for food prep surfaces

 •   Water based, colorless, odorless and 100% biodegradable

 •   Child safe, pet safe and non-toxic

 •   Safe for use on all surfaces

 •    Kills 99.999% of all viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens and odors.





Next we apply Bio Knight’s Continuous Microbial Shield (CM Shield) comprised of a Silane Quarternary (Si-Quant) Ammonium Surfactant to the disinfected surfaces.  The CM Shield will molecularly bond to the disinfected surfaces, leaving a lasting blanket of microscopic, electrostatically charged spikes.

Because the CM Shield is negatively charged, the positively charged microbes that enter a treated space will be drawn to the nearest surface where their outer layer will be pierced and then electrocuted.  The CM Shield will never be used up no matter how many microbes are slayed because it kills microbes mechanically rather than chemically.


NASA developed air filtration system with ActivePure technology will purify the air your breath while releasing oxidizing ActivePure Molecules which rapidly seek out and destroy microscopic pathogens in the air and on surfaces.  

This technology uses the power of HEPA filtration, powerful Ultra Violet Light, patented Molecular Ionization and an optional Ozone Generator to scrub the air you breath and turn it into a hostile environment for pathogens that will kill 99.9999% of the microbes that are brought into your space from the outside.

Improved Protection. Powerful Results. Long-Term Impact.

Regular cleaning, and even sanitizing, isn’t the same as Bio Knights complete disinfection and long-term microbial protection process because sanitizing is only effective until the next germ is deposited on previously sanitized surfaces. Bio Knight is always on guard for the reintroduction of germs to radically reduce the chances of contracting an infectious disease. With Bio Knights complete disinfection and long term solution, you will extinguish every kind of bacteria, virus, fungal, microbial, and animal pathogen.

  • Broad spectrum, Hospial Grade Disinfection
  • Kills 99.999% of all bacteria & viruses
  • Eliminates odors & allergens
  • Inhibits growth of mold & mildew
  • Makes surfaces antimicrobial and self-sanitizing
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Water based, Non-toxic, Child Safe, Pet Safe

How It Works?

EPA Approved To Continuously Destroy COVID-19 For Months

Bio Knight’s Continuous Microbial Shield

Persistent Air and Surface Protection