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Complete Long-Term Protection Against Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Allergens and Odor Causing Microbes

The Best Defense Against Infectious Germs Microbes 

Germs like coronavirus, influenza, and even those causing the common cold can be a silent enemy that sneaks up without a sign or warning. While cleaning every room and disinfecting it with a sanitizing agent is a great start, it doesnt guarantee protection against any germs because it only lasts until the next carrier enters the room.

Bio Knight’s technology eliminates the need for repeated disinfection its Continuous Microbial Shield technology that provides long-term microbial protection through a biomechanical process that is self-sanitizing and uses no harsh chemicals. Our Continuous Microbial Shield will continue to protect against reinfection for months after just one application.

    Bio Knight’s Disinfection & Long Term Microbial Protection

    EPA Approved Technology that Eliminates Disease & Protects YOU!


    All Bio Knight System products are water-based non-toxic solutions that are child-safe, pet safe, and meet the EPAs criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. This EPA Approved System can be used safely in every type of building, facility, and vehicle.


    Whether its coronavirus or any other virus and bacteria, the Bio Knight System can help protect your family while ensuring long-lasting protection.


    Allow your employees to work in a clean workspace by protecting them against any possible germ born illness with our EPA approved disinfection system.


    Kids deserve to play and learn in germ-free spaces. We ensure your school and daycare facility is sanitized correctly & disinfected.


    Medical facilities & dental clinics are prone to all kinds of diseases. The Bio Knight System can protect your customers.


    Protect your congregants from all types of bacteria and viruses with Bio Knights Continuous Microbial Shield.


    Our team can help deep clean and disinfect your dining rooms, kitchen to prevent the spread of any disease or coronavirus.


    Infections and contagious diseases can spread fast in public areas and buildings. Let us shield these areas with the Bio Knight Continuous Microbial Shield.


    With a Bio Knight installation, you can ensure a Continuous Microbial Shield protective shield against germs while saving cost and time on regular disinfection services.


    Why let your vehicle become a breeding ground for germs and disease. Bio Knights Continuous Microbial Shield will ensure long-lasting disinfection and protection.

    Bio Knights installation eliminates and controls microbes perpetually. Even more uniquely, it does so through a purely physical process and patented surface modifying technology, without the use of any harmful chemicals.



    At A.J. & MOS our we promote a healthy lifestyle and our customer’s safety always comes first. Bio Knight offered us something nobody else could: Lasting Protection For Our Customers. The Bio Knight team spent the time to understand my business, my customers, and my store, and its products. The owner was thorough and explained the complete process to us. During these uncertain times, it put our minds at ease knowing that A.J. & MOS and its customers will have EPA approved protection for months. Highly recommended.
    Beth Star

    Owner, A.J. & MOS

    The pandemic has been a terrifying time for everyone. As an Optometrist, my patients are resting their faces on my testing and diagnostic equipment, then going into my retail store to try on multiple pairs of glasses. I wanted to ensure their safety to the best of my abilities, but my eyeglasses can only be cleaned with a few select products and it was very time consuming to clean them continuously. Further, we cant keep track of everything my patient’s touch. That’s why Bio Knights Continuous Microbial Shield was the perfect solution. The installation took no time and they even treated all of the glasses in my store. They did a great job. Thanks, Bio Knight.

    Dr. Steven B. Agin

    Owner, O.D. Eyes on Broadway

    We have worked very hard to create a premier dining experience for our customers. Being a popular restaurant with a busy bar we serve thousands of customers each month and we are careful to clean and sanitize every day. However, since the COVID-19 Pandemic we have had to re-think what it means to truly be clean. Thats why we hired Bio Knight, and we could not be happier with the experience. They were on time, treated our entire restaurant, bar, bathrooms and kitchen. I noticed how they pay particular attention to the highest traffic areas and doorknobs. They were very thorough and professional.

    Nick Nicola

    Owner, Da Nicola Restaurant